Castiron Kennels E-Litter

Castiron Cleo’s Argos and Wildtrails WildKat Whiskey

whelp date: 17May23
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Castiron Cleo’s Argos (Rosco)

Argos aka Rosco is from our A-Litter (Manny/Cleo) whelped 26Nov20. Manny, our foundation sire, is a rugged, muscular hunter whose strength allows him to take on all types of cover with ease. He’s successfully passed his structure, strength and stamina on to Rosco. We typically describe Cleo, our foundation dam, as a “beast afield and a couch potato in the house.” She’s exceptionally cooperative and has statuesque points. Rosco’s points resemble Cleo’s and he loves to hunt as much as his dam. He’s been impressing hunters since his first season.

Wildtrails WildKat Whiskey (Whiskey)

A German import, Whiskey joined our kennel 2 years ago and is coming off of an exceptional season chasing pheasants, sharpies and quail in Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Our best retrieving Picardy by far, Whiskey was completing downwind blind retrieves in cover well over her head at 4 months. She brings this dedication, enthusiasm and thoroughness afield and has yet to lose a downed bird. Whiskey has excellent structural confirmation, a testament to her dam (Amber) who won “Best of Opposite” at the French Breed Show in 2022.

Manny/Cleo A-Litter

Manny/Cleo B-Litter

At Castiron Kennels our goal is finding Picardy Spaniels that will expand the gene pool in North America, and also maintain the breed standard. We want to help establish a self-sustaining population of Picardy Spaniels in North America and to produce pups that meet our definition of “the perfect” Picardy Spaniel for North American hunters.  We’ve been fortunate enough to work with breeders around the world to acquire cooperative Picardy Spaniels with excellent genetics and solid hunting instincts. Dogs that would complement the gene pool in North America and be best suited for North American hunters. Manny is from Eric Chivot in France. Cleo came to us from Di Nadolph in Austria. Remi, our second female, is from Todd & Wendy Shury in Canada. And Whiskey, our youngest female, came to us from Laura Giovannini in Germany.

Ric, Ellen and their Picardy Pack live in New Glarus, WI, just 25 minutes southwest of Madison. An avid hunter, Ric has owned, trained and hunted Gordon Setters, Small Munsterlanders, and for the past 6 years, Picardy Spaniels. Ellen has an extensive background in animal genetics and a PhD in Reproductive Physiology. She bred and trained Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs prior to Picardy Spaniels.