The Picardy Spaniel is a new breed in North America and it should be treated as such.  As of November 2023 there are only ~280 Picardy Spaniels in North America, and about 2,400 worldwide. Our primary training challenge with the Picardy Spaniel in North America is that very few people have seen a Picardy, much less trained one. There are training basics that work across breeds, but training a Picardy Spaniel is different.  Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is wrong.  If you want a Picardy Spaniel trained properly you can’t listen to other trainers and dog owners who have experience with breeds of dogs that have been in North America for decades.  Listen to other Picardy Spaniel owners, especially those from the Europe and the UK, who have decades of experience training this phenomenal breed.

Basic Rules for Training Picardy Spaniels

  1. Picardy’s mature slowly.  Push them too fast and you will risk ruining them.
  2. Picardy’s are extremely food motivated and do not take training pressure very well. Positive reinforcement training techniques work best with this breed.
  3. Picardy’s like to have fun.  All work and no play doesn’t work with this breed.  Period.
  4. Picardy’s are smart.  If they’re not learning what you’re trying to teach see above.
  5. Picardy’s bond strongly with their owners.  Train them yourself.