Bruno’s Bayou

Castiron Cleo’s Bruno (Manny/Cleo B-Litter) was whelped on 25Jun21 and lives in Louisiana. He is the first Versatile Hunting dog owned and trained by Brady who says that the best advice he has for anyone training a Picardy Spaniel is:

“Take is slow and don’t rush the training.”

People often ask whether Picardy Spaniels make good duck dogs. Have a look below and see Bruno in action for yourself.

Note that Bruno’s Dad has also taught Bruno to “Shake” on command and to “Whoa.”

In the clip below Bruno demonstrates one facet of his versatility.

Brady worked on obedience with Bruno early on and his self-control shows in this video.

Video is a little blurry, but Bruno’s focus is spot on. Retrieve one duck and then retrieve another.

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